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Who Am I? My name is Amber. I first knew I had psychic abilities when I was about five years old. I am honest and ethical and will do my best to give you a useful and true reading.

What Do I Have to Offer You? Simply email me your name and question and I will give you a three paragraph psychic reading by email. I charge $5 per question and I accept Pay Pal, check and money order. Payment is due before services are rendered.

Where are the Readings Given? I do readings by email. I do this because it is convenient for me and you. Unlike psychic readings by phone, emailed readings allow you to print and keep every word of your reading for future reference. Therefore you really get your money’s worth. Speaking of money, $5 for an entire reading is an excellent deal. Phone psychics charge about $3.99 per reading and they are masters of keeping you on the phone for a LONG time. An average reading takes about 30 minutes and will cost $119.70 for the same amount of information you can get from me for far less.

How do you get started? Email me at .

Why should you consider using a psychic? A good psychic is hard to find and often she can put you on the right path. Life can be complicated and at times you need an outside party to give you some perspective. You should give a psychic a try and allow yourself to see what you have been missing out on. It is fun, it is informative and it can help you make the right choices in your life and for your future.

I accept the following payment options for your convenience.

Pay Pal, Check and Money Order.

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